One On One: Brandon Pilgrim

BP: Who do you think is the best scorer in college basketball?

TF: In the beginning of the year I was hoping Perry Jones would walk into the NCAA and have a Kevin Durant type of year but since that didn’t happen, I’d have to go with Jimmer Fredette. People think he is just a shooter. Aside from the fact that his range extends out to Mars and he proves it once or twice a game by shooting out to half court, he is surprisingly efficient being that every defense he faces is geared to stop him. [45% from the field, 40% from 3, and 90% at the free throw line] Jimmer definitely gets my nod! Unfortunately I don’t think it is going to translate into success at the pro level, but that’s another story!

BP: Who do you believe is the best overall team in college basketball?

TF: If Duke’s Kyrie Irving was healthy, we may be talking about DukeL to R: Craft, Lighty, Sullinger, Buford being one of the best teams of all-time. But since he is not, I have to go with the team ranked number 1 and that team is Ohio State. They have senior leadership in David Lighty and Jon Deibler, they play defense, they have a great point guard in Craft, they have explosive scorers in William Buford and Jared Sullinger, they can play inside or outside, and Thad Matta has them prepared for every single game.

BP: Being a student at Syracuse University what do you think of Big East basketball?

TF: Big East basketball is definitely the best basketball conference in America, hands down! Being at Syracuse I do get to watch a lot of Big East games and it is the most talented, most physical, best coached, and most exciting conference in the NCAA year after year, not to mention its had a few pretty good Pros! Going into conference tournaments, the Big East has 9 teams in the top 25!

BP: How do you feel about these super teams that are forming in the NBA such as the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks?

TF: I love it and I think its great for the league. The fans love to watch it, the media loves to cover it, the star players love the attention and it also allows the Joel Anthony’s and Shelden Williams’ of the league to stay employed, the coaches look like genius’, the General Managers can no longer slack off because they’ll get left behind, and David Stern gets to sit back and look like a genius in the process!

BP: Which tournament do you think is better the NBA playoffs or the NCAA tournament?

TF: As much excitement that comes from the NCAA tournament, I’d have to go with the NBA playoffs and here’s why: Although upsets are fun to watch, not many people were excited to watch Butler take on Duke last year in the National Championship game. The NBA’s biggest problem is players taking games off in the regular season. That’s why a lot of people would rather watch college basketball, because they play harder. In the playoffs, you see the best players in the world play to the best of their abilities every night. It gets no better than that!

BP: Is it ok for grown men to cry after losing a regular season game?

TF: This seems to be the hottest topic in sports right about now! I personally don’t think its ok, at least not in front of someone who could potentially make a story out of it for the whole world to swallow up. If you want to cry, that’s fine, don’t let me sound like the Grinch! But crying over your 20th regular season loss that came in March, I don’t know about that.

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