Should Miami Panic Just Yet?

The Miami Heat have become the Dallas Cowboys of the NBA in the sense that everybody in America loves to talk about what they’re doing. With that being said, a lot of people are writing them off as title contenders already. Not so fast!! We all know that they are the most talented team in the NBA. Talent isn’t their issue. I watched 3 of the 5 games on this current losing streak and they just look bad. You could blame their defensive principles and how they over help as if they’re playing 5 Derrick Rose’s at all times, or maybe how they just watch each other play isolation ball while they wait for their turn, or they are emotionally unstable, but those are all easy fixes [well, maybe not the emotional instabilities].

My coach always used to say “Everybody has a game plan until they get hit in the mouth.” Miami comes out every game and gives the ball to Chris Bosh on the block. He is a great scorer down low and getting Bosh going is harder to do than ‘Bron and Wade so it is a great strategy. The second they give up a basket on the other end all heads go down and they forget what works for them.

There was a possession down the stretch last night where Chris Bosh was standing out of bounds! I dont know if you all know the rules of the game but when you are out of bounds, you are no longer a part of the game. That possession ended in LeBron having his shot blocked out of bounds by LaMarcus Aldrich, the man who was guarding Chris Bosh.

Even though they dont look good right now, the season is not over and the real season hasn’t begun. There is time!

The solution: MORE MOTION ON OFFENSE! Pass the ball, set a screen, cut to the rim. When LeBron or Wade has the ball, everyone stands still and watches. As dangerous as the Heat have the potential to be, they bail teams out when they start playing 1 on 5.

Its all up to them. Its hard to look in the mirror and admit that everything you and your organization do is wrong. There is a really strong chance that they don’t come to this realization this season and that is what the rest of the NBA is hoping for.

-Tariq N. Ferguson

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