Most Valu-a-Bull Player!

The season is winding down and it is about time to think about who will reign supreme as the most valuable player to the NBA.

It is unfortunate for Dwight Howard that every season he takes a team full of slow, un-athletic 33 year olds to the Eastern Conference Finals but will probably never win an MVP award. I do tip my hat to the League for recognizing that he is arguably a MVP snub every year by giving him the Defensive Player of the Year award. Im sure Dwight wouldn’t mind letting him have at least one MVP for his troubles though.

LeBron sacrificed his MVP trophies when he decided to “Take his talents to South Beach.” I was convinced that he would’ve won every MVP award until he turned 35. I’m not ruling out Miami having a 70 win season and him sharing an MVP award with Dwyane Wade someday, but that would be putting the cart before the horse.

Kobe, surprisingly, is not even in the MVP discussion. I can’t picture him finishing outside of the top 5, though. His name alone guarantees he’ll finish in the top 5 from now til he hangs up the Nikes.

Dirk Nowitzki is the key to all Dallas’ success. They are still 2nd in the West after going 2-7 with Dirk out with injury. That means Dirk=Wins. His efficiency [53% FG, 42% 3PT, 88% FT] is keeping him in the conversation, but unfortunately Dallas continues to be slept on by the media, fans, and voters. The players and coaches respect them, though. Thats all that matters.

To this point in the season the MVP race is basically locked up and no longer up for discussion – unless you’re at Phillips Arena in Atlanta. They all seem to be voting for Amare Stoudemire.

Now, to crown the king. Derrick Rose has had a phenomenal season – although phenomenal seasons don’t translate to MVP trophies. If that was the case, then Lebron would have won every MVP from year 2-7. Carlos Boozer, the Bulls’ headlined acquisition, missed the first third of the season. As he was working his way back into the lineup, Center Joakim Noah went down with injury and missed the second third of the season. All while Derrick Rose averaged 26 points, 8.1 assists, and 5.2 rebounds with Noah or Boozer out of the lineup. Chicago, unrightfully, was swept under the rug and written off. Meanwhile, Rose kept the Bulls relevant. Finally healthy, the Bulls are 2nd in the East and they hold the second best record in the NBA since January 8th (Only the Spurs have a better record since). His performance has not only placed himself in the national spotlight, but it has the city of Chicago believing again. He is the most deserving of the MVP award and I believe the voters will feel the same way.

[Video by lulian24basketball]

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