Morehead State: More Than A 13 Seed

Morehead State

95.5% of the 5.9 million people who filled out a bracket on ESPN had Louisville beating Morehead State. 76 Percent of those had Louisville advancing to the Sweet 16. Its safe to say most brackets have been busted! Much credit given to the Morehead State players and coaching staff but this doesn’t come as much of a surprise to Morehead followers. The Eagles went down to Florida in November to take on the 10th ranked Gators and lost a close one 61-55.

Kenneth Faried's tenacity on the glass and nose for the ball should make him a 1st round pick in this summers draft.

Two days later they found themselves on the road again, this time visiting Ohio State.Morehead played it close for the first 35 minutes of the game before Jon Deibler and Ohio State took total control. Usually when a team of any prestige has to travel to Florida to take on the Gators then fly to Ohio to face the Buckeyes, it would hurt their confidence and leave them ailing. Most coaches wouldn’t even dare schedule two games, two days apart against two of the best teams in the country at two of the most difficult places to play in the country. The Eagles coach believes in them and they believe in themselves. The used this part of their as a confidence booster and met Louisville with that confidence Thursday in Denver, only this time they left the arena with a win. Dont expect the Eagles to shock the world on their way to the NCAA Championship game, but they are a great team who happens to reside in a conference with lower competition. I can guarantee that the Morehead State Eagles are not satisfied with one win and going home either.

Kenneth Faried, their lone NBA prospect, is a senior and the emotional leader of this team. He has dominated the glass year after year and has drawn comparison to another player who made a living on his ability to clean the glass in Dennis Rodman. His offensive ability needs work as he scores most of his points from offensive rebounds and hustle plays. The desire to go after every rebound and loose ball can’t be taught. Every NBA team would welcome that type of player with open arms so even though every game may be his last at this level, his basketball career is far from finished.

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