North Carolina Returns Starting 5, Favorite for 2011-2012 Season

Could it be the trend that has haunted college basketball since the 2006 season, when the NBA banned players from entering the draft out of High School, is finally over?

It has become the norm for players to jet to the NBA after spending one season on campus.

Maybe the cancellation of the NBA Summer League, that is so monumental to an NBA rookies’ development, is having an impact on them staying in school rather than going pro. Maybe the thought of a potential NBA lockout is scaring these kids back to campus. Maybe they  just are not ready to leave the college environment. Whatever the case may be, it gives us a lot to look forward to for the upcoming college basketball season.

The team that benefitted the most from the return of their prospected pro’s to next years roster is North Carolina. They are the only team that made it past the sweet 16 to return all 5 starters. North Carolina took a very inexperienced team to the Elite 8 this past year and they look to build on that success as a year together immediately puts them in early title contention for next year.

Notable Players Returning to School Next Year:
  • Jared Sullinger, Ohio State University
  • Perry Jones, Baylor
  • Harrison Barnes, UNC
All of which were projected to be top 5 picks in this years draft.
Andy Katz on Barnes’ decision to return to UNC
Video By ESPN
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