Derrick Rose Wins NBA MVP, Youngest in League History

After leading his team to the best record in the NBA, Derrick Rose was named the Most Valuable Player of the league Tuesday. This comes with no surprise as Rose dazzled the city of Chicago night in and night out.

Rose received the praises of some of the all time greats. “He’s the MVP for the season, ” Michael Jordan said in a March interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, “He deserves it. He’s playing that well. And if he doesn’t get it, you’ll see how I felt a lot of years.” NBA Analyst and former NBA MVP Charles Barkley stated in January that he felt Rose should be the MVP, “I think Derrick has surpassed Deron Williams as the best point guard in the NBA, and I think right now he has to be the front-runner for MVP.”

He’s the MVP for the season… And if he doesn’t get it, you’ll see how I felt a lot of years.”

-Michael Jordan (3.10.2011)

Jordan and Barkley can now rest a little easier on their selection as Derrick Rose won the MVP award, in a landslide victory.

Derrick Rose's phenomenal play, work ethic, and humble demeanor led him to become the youngest MVP in NBA history (Getty Images)

Fans of these advanced statistics aren’t as enthralled with Rose being the MVP as the rest of the country and even though he wasn’t near the top in any metric statistics, you have to respect what he did for his team. He led the often short-handed yet resilient Bulls to the best record in the NBA during the regular season behind his spectacular play (25 points, 7.7 assists, and 4.1 rebounds per game).

Commissioner David Stern joined the chorus of Rose enthusiasts calling him, “a role model to all”.

“He’s a very nice, grounded young man and it’s a pleasure to have him here.”

-David Stern, NBA Commissioner

Although Rose is the youngest to ever win the MVP award, if history repeats its self, according to ESPN, he will end up in the Hall of Fame. Every retired NBA player that has won this coveted award is resting in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

It is too early in Rose’s career to say what he is going to do next, but as hard of a worker as he is, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say this won’t be his last MVP award.

2010-11 Kia NBA MVP Award Results
Player, Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Total Points
Derrick Rose, Chicago 113 6 2 1182
Dwight Howard, Orlando 3 57 31 16 11 643
LeBron James, Miami 4 26 39 31 12 522
Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers 1 18 32 40 12 428
Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City 6 10 20 38 190
Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas 5 3 11 30 113
Dwyane Wade, Miami 1 1 2 6 24
Manu Ginobili, San Antonio 2 6 20
Amar’e Stoudemire, New York 1 4 9
Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers 1 5
Rajon Rondo, Boston 1 5
Tony Parker, San Antonio 1 3
Chris Paul, New Orleans 2 2
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