Born June 2nd, 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia to Heather R. Ferguson. I fell in love with sports shortly after. A frequent to the AJC’s sports page and ESPN, my mother was shocked! Not only was I interested in the sports page of the paper as if I could read, I would turn the TV on and change channels [passing by Barney and most others children’s programs, although I was a huge power rangers fan] until I made my way to ESPN or any other channel hosting a sporting event. What surprised my mother the most was that I knew what the hell was going on! She told me I was a big Charlotte Hornets fan! I guess Dell Curry, Alonzo Mourning, and Muggsy Bogues had me sold! This was just the beginning.

Every where I went, sports it was! Whether it be a basketball argument with the adults or the Chicago Bulls logo cut into the back of my head, I was surrounded by sports. It also helps that I come from a basketball family. My uncle played D1 basketball and my family was very supportive of him. When they saw the sports gene in me, they welcomed it with open arms!

I had the privilege of going to a pretty prestigious private school, The Piney Woods School. It is an all-black boarding, college prep school. This was where my knowledge of basketball blossomed. My first semester of high school, I was enrolled in a computer class. It was easy. An hour slot, but the work only took 5 minutes. For the other 55 minutes, I was either looking up all sorts of basketball stats/facts/etc. or playing around on blackplanet!

I also met the game from the inside perspective under Head Coach Wayne Brent. A true basketball genius that broke the game down from a Point Guards perspective.

I learned how the game moves, hot spots on the floor, how to take 12 pieces and make a perfect puzzle, how to conduct ourselves as student-athletes;all really good pieces for conversation.

At this point, not only did I know the history of the game, I now know it from a playing and coaching standpoint and I knew how to communicate it so that everyone understands.

I came to Syracuse University as an Engineer.

Why? I have no idea. I guess my ears stopped working when everyone in my family and all of my friends said I go to school for something that pertains to sports. I recently left engineering [after a long fight] and I am doing what I know and love.

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