Two Aspiring Agents Taking All The Right Steps

God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest. ~J.G. Holland

Not often do two people who stay true to their beliefs come together with the same goal in mind and have the drive to avoid possible obstacles along the way. This takes teamwork, trust, faith, integrity, and understanding the importance of building a family-type environment. When I see the bond that Jordan Schoem (Syracuse University class of 2011 graduate who studied Sport Management and Law) and Zack Charles (senior at Yeshiva University in Manhattan, NY studying Business and Management/Marketing) have built, I am reminded of the bond that made Drew and Jason Rosenhaus so successful. Schoem and Charles are aspiring Athlete Agents who, like myself, do not plan to use their schooling to find a job, but rather to create one.

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One on One: Lawrence Jackson

I was talking to Syracuse University student, radio show host, and good friend of mine Lawrence Jackson and there were a few events going on in sports that he wanted to hear my opinion on. Lets get right to it.

Lawrence Jackson: Why do you think there are so many upsets in the NCAA Tournament?

Tariq Ferguson: There are a lot of factors that go into an upset. Some coaches under prepare while looking ahead to later match-ups, while some coaches over prepare assuming they wont advance unless they play a perfect game against their first opponent. There are also some good teams with good players that play hard and execute their game plan to perfection in these smaller conferences while some teams in bigger conferences get by on talent alone. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

LJ: Does the return of Kyrie Irving hurt Duke’s chemistry or make them more versatile?

TF: I don’t think it hurts their chemistry for three reasons. 1. Kyrie Irving is their Point Guard, their floor general, who not only was top 10 in the conference in scoring but he led the conference in assists when he went down In December. 2. Coach K teams are more synonymous with the term family than team, they all are happy to have him back. 3. They become the most versatile team in the tournament now, assuming he gets back to game shape. He creates offense for everyone, takes Nolan Smith off the ball, and will get Kyle Singler more involved in the offense because it seems that they got away from that when Irving went down.

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One On One: Brandon Pilgrim

BP: Who do you think is the best scorer in college basketball?

TF: In the beginning of the year I was hoping Perry Jones would walk into the NCAA and have a Kevin Durant type of year but since that didn’t happen, Continue reading

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