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Eastern Conference Playoff Preview: Heat-76ers

The Heat swept the regular season matchup 3-0 by a combined 30 points.

Philly: Losers of 4 of their last 5 games, the ‘6ers stumble their way into the Playoffs after having what most believe to be the surprise team in the NBA this year. Unfortunately for them, they have this Miami Heat team of Monstars to look forward to.

Miami: The way the media¬†scrutinizes every Miami Heat loss, you would think they barely made it to the Playoffs, instead the Heat finish the season as the 2 seed. They tend to feast on the Philadelphia’s of the league and I expect no let-down here. If the Heat dont make the finals this year, they might as well stop paying the cable and internet bills because the media would never let them live it down so I expect them to come out focused and ready to play from the opening tip until the series is over. Continue reading

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Standing Tall: A Small Tribute to One of the Biggest Hearts to Ever Play the Game

Allen Iverson had a personality that before him, had never been seen in the NBA. The¬†jewelry, the baggy clothes, the braids, the tattoo’s, the arm sleeve, hip-hop, and the list goes on. The energy surrounding him made him, easily, the most emulated basketball player EVER.

Allen Iverson's 1st of 12 SLAM Magazine covers

Every kid that touched a basketball wanted to be Allen Iverson. The media loved to cover him, the kids wanted to be him, the barbershops couldn’t stop talking about him, and David Stern was afraid of him. All of this in a 6 foot, 165 pound frame. Continue reading

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