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Two Aspiring Agents Taking All The Right Steps

God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest. ~J.G. Holland

Not often do two people who stay true to their beliefs come together with the same goal in mind and have the drive to avoid possible obstacles along the way. This takes teamwork, trust, faith, integrity, and understanding the importance of building a family-type environment. When I see the bond that Jordan Schoem (Syracuse University class of 2011 graduate who studied Sport Management and Law) and Zack Charles (senior at Yeshiva University in Manhattan, NY studying Business and Management/Marketing) have built, I am reminded of the bond that made Drew and Jason Rosenhaus so successful. Schoem and Charles are aspiring Athlete Agents who, like myself, do not plan to use their schooling to find a job, but rather to create one.

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Let the Madness begin!

Most would say that the NCAA tournament is the most exciting playoff system in sports. The upsets, players becoming a household name, knowing every game could be your last, the emotion, seeing match-ups you dreamt about all year, and filling out your bracket whether it be for money or bragging rights with your friends; all reasons you can’t say March without Madness. Now, for the first time, every game will be nationally televised. Here are a few teams, players, and stories to watch for coming up in the tournament.

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